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Margs Taco Bistro Cherry Creek, Officially Open

Margs Taco Bistro Cherry Creek [Photos: Meredith Moran]

Word on the street was that Margs Taco Bistro Cherry Creek opened last Friday, but after a few pre-opening glitches, the new addition to Cherry Creek closed its doors over the weekend and hosted a grand opening last night. The Margs concept comes from owners Kevin Sloane and brothers Bryan and Kevin Brutsch, who opened the original Margs at 1519 Wynkoop last May. Like the original Margs, Margs Cherry Creek features a variety of margaritas, global tacos (arguably some of the best tortillas in town) and an exposed patio bar. Margs is open for lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday.

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Margs Taco Bistro Cherry Creek

200 Fillmore St. Denver, CO