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The Early Word: The Kitchen Denver

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The Kitchen Denver
The Kitchen Denver
Photo: Meredith Moran

After months of anticipation (years, for many) Boulder chefs Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk opened The Kitchen Denver at the end of last month. Matheson and Musk definitely went the extra mile for the Denver location, designing a restaurant with multiple dining rooms, a large bar featuring one of Denver's premier wine on tap programs, and an exclusive sustainable raw bar. So now that The Kitchen has called Denver home for a few weeks, what do the diners think? Here now, the early word.

Some Decent News: These items, priced at $12 and $11 were a tad pricey for the serving size - but the quality of the food and the superior taste was definitely evident. Service was a tad slow so we didn't have time for dessert, but the options looked tasty. We can't wait to go back and try more lunch options - and of course dinner too. I think the Kitchen will do well in Denver, but of course they will have to go through some growing pains, as any new restaurant must. [Yelp]

The Good News: Overall, The Kitchen was a great experience if you don't mind shelling out a little more cash than your average meal (ours was around $100 with drinks). The open working kitchen definitely garnered my attention, the decor intrigued me, and the food left me smiling. [The Sizzling Cupcake]

The Ultimate Shill :Hey any restaurant that has Sticky Toffee Pudding has my two thumbs up. The owners have clearly selected quality food products from local areas and the open kitchen makes you feel like they have nothing to hide. I am impressed. Lastly I am new to the area and being far from the ocean makes me worried about seafood, but the oysters are the best I have ever had.... EVER. Totally blew my mind. [Yelp]

The OK News: While there was nothing technically wrong with the food, it was just BORING. And overpriced. I had the Colorado lamb, garlic fries and roasted beets topped with chevre. While they were all "fine," there just wasn't anything exciting about them. [Yelp]

The Bad News: I live in Denver and don't get to Boulder often, so I was thrilled when The Kitchen opened a second outpost in Denver in the space formally occupied by Gumbo's. And while it's only been open for about a month, it's not on par with its Boulder-based sibling. Don't get me wrong. The space is beautiful with the same simple, elegant and modern design sensibilities that exist in the original Boulder location. The menu features the same simple dishes, and the preparations of everything have been spot on -- at least on my first two visits. The service, however, is another matter. Waiters who pounce immediately upon seating to offer drinks, before you've had a chance to take off a jacket, speak with companions about options or peruse a wine/drink list, and who are then MIA until well after such decisions are made. [Yelp]

The Really Bad News: Not only did our server not return with our wine in an even remotely timely manner, he didn't return for a while. When he did (sans wine, thanks very much), we asked for the bill. The only reason they get two stars is that the bartender did his best to take care of us. We won't be going back. [Yelp]

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The Kitchen Denver

1560 Wazee Street, Denver, Colorado 80202 (303)623-3127 Visit Website

The Kitchen Denver

1530 16th Street Denver, CO. 80202