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A Few Months in at Comida Cantina, Egging Included

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Rayme Rossello, owner of Boulder's Comida food truck, shares some thoughts about the first couple months of business at Comida Cantina, her brick and mortar restaurant in Longmont. She applauds her staff, comparing their enthusiasm to "a group of 16 year old girls at a Miley Cyrus Concert," and discusses the addition of lunch and brunch service at Comida Cantina. She also reflects on the sad day she found her business egged:

After the second week I arrived early one morning to find no fewer than 2 dozen eggs thrown all over the front of the restaurant and all over Tina’s sides. Hard and crusty, it had dried over night. Egg is no friend to stucco, and Tina looked down right ashamed as she sat their caked in goo. But life goes on and every once in a while you pick a winning number. And I did just that when it comes to my landlord. He came right over with a Hotsy and power washed both Tina and the store front and we were back in action in no time, knees dusted off and tears wiped away. Business ownership is many things, boring is never one of them.

Friendly landlord to the rescue!

· Brick and Mortarville [Comida Blog]

Comida Cantina [Photo: Lindsay Pierce/DP]