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Earl's Gets Fresh; The Corner Officer Gets Derby-Ready

Photo: Adam Larkey

CHAIN THINGS— Earl's Kitchen & Bar is elevating itself from regular chaindom by introducing a "Fresh From Spring" menu, stacked with fresh eating and drinking options. a few stand-outs include ahi poke nachos, a prawn salad and the honey badger cocktail. What's in the honey badger, you ask? Housemade (yea, Earl's has housemade stuff now) honey syrup, good o'l Jack Daniels, apple juice and fresh lemon. [Eaterwire]

16TH STREET— The Ambria kitchen was recently taken over by chef Gabe Balenzuela, who tweaked the menu offerings a bit. There's also a new spring cocktail list, which makes getting a buzz on seem slightly healthy. Ever had superfruit margarita? It's available.

THEATRE DISTRICT— Maybe it's the hats, maybe it's the horses... maybe it's mint juleps. Whatever it is, the Kentucky Derby is approaching, and The Corner Office has some festivities. Come May 5th, the Denver Derby Party is happening. GM Dana Faulk says the derby is near and dear to the staff: “Several of us here at The Corner Office have strong Southern roots, including Chef and myself, and the Kentucky Derby holds a lot of memories for us. My husband-to-be and fellow restaurateur, Dave Query, is even from Lexington.” [webwire]

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