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Chef Brandon Biederman's Changes at Steuben's, Plus an Update on ACE Restaurant/Ping Pong Hall

It was three years ago today that Steuben's Food Service chef Brandon Beiderman introduced Denver to "Steubie Snacks," and no, he wasn't stoned. Though the deep-fried pork shoulder snacks rolled in powdered sugar have been available at the Steuben's food truck since their creation, Beiderman just added them to the restaurant's menu, along with 17 other dishes. Biederman tells Eater that it's the biggest change in the restaurant's six years of existence, a span of time where the menu has remained pretty untouched. This is both good and bad news for Steuben's fans, as Beiderman 86'd half of the restaurant's staples (buh-bye fried cheese) to make room for new items. While no one has thrown a tantrum or issued threats just yet, Biederman has braced himself for a backlash. Fortunately, there might not be a reason for revolt with the additions like the Steuben's blue plate special, sausage and pepper sandwhiches and breakfast bierocks.

Aside from the menu changes at Steuben's and the 12 wedding venues in the works (yes, Steuben's food truck parks at weddings), Biederman and Vesta Dipping Grill chef Matt Selby have been writing the menu for ACE, the highly-anticipated Asian eatery-meets-ping pong hall that's opening next door.

Biederman and Selby are designing an open kitchen that will also feature a to-go counter/late-night ordering station. They're not sure how late they'll serve food just yet, but they would like to cater to the late-night crowds that often flock to Steuben's.

Eater stopped in to see the space, and it's definitely on track to be one of the city's hottest destinations. Between the large bar, an open kitchen and a totally kick-ass patio with garage doors, ACE continues to get more exciting. While ACE will have brand new kitchen, the dining room will be outfitted with repurposed and recycled materials, including old Village Inn booths and a bar made out of shipping containers.

Owner Josh Wolkon, who also owns Steuben's and Vesta Dipping Grill, tells Eater that he has a cabaret license for ACE, which means there's a possibility for live shows at some point. Wolkon says ACE is first and foremost a restaurant, but "the back garage portion of the building with its barrel-shaped ceiling seemed perfect for some type of event, amusement or recreational space." While Wolkon prefers to keep the floor plan under wraps, he tells Eater that the ping pong hall will feature seven game tables, and food and drinks will be allowed during games. He'll also have two ping pong tables on the patio.

The project will continue to develop in coming months, especially when the Steuben's and Vesta crew returns from travels through San Francisco, Chicago and Thailand. Stay tuned.

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