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Woman Spills Yogurt on President Obama at The Sink

"Getting yogurt on the president, that's a good story," President Barack Obama said last night, after he cleaned purple yogurt off of his trousers. It's definitely a good story, and it definitely happened during the president's visit to Boulder. Obama made a stop at The Sink, an iconic dive bar at 1165 13th St., before his appearance at the University of Colorado to speak about student loan interest rates. When he was standing outside the dive-bar, a woman dropped a cup of purple yogurt, which splashed the president's pants as he walked by. Aside from the purple yogurt spillage, Obama also enjoyed a large "Sinkza" pizza and he signed his name next to Guy Fieri's standard "GUY ATE HERE" stencil signature. A memorable visit, indeed.

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President Obama's Yogurt Pants [Photo: The Daily Camera]

The Sink

1165 13th St. Boulder, CO