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Charcoal, a Reasonable Dinner; Berthoud's New Brewery

Photo: Adam Larkey

GOLDEN TRIANGLE— Charcoal's food has been a hot topic lately, and 5280 food editor Amanda Faison agrees that chef Patrik Landberg is definitely turning out some impressive food. The biggest perk: "What I am continually impressed with at Charcoal is the price. Dinner for four—with two appetizers, a bottle of wine, a shared dessert, and tip—came to less than $50 a person." [5280]

BERTHOUD— There's another brewery entering the scene, and this time in the small town of Berthoud, home to around 5,400 people. City Star Brewing, owned by John Way and Whitney Taylor of Lyons, will host its grand opening the weekend of May 4th. The tap room will feature 10 taps. [FD/DP]