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Kraine Station Closes, Owners Look For New Location

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After a mere three months of business, Kraine Station has closed. Chef Rick Seifert, who opened the Ukrainian restaurant and dueling piano bar with owners Papillon Sorrelis and Jimmy Calanni, tells Eater that Kraine Station quietly closed last Saturday after a severed lease negotiation. "It was kind of a surprise — we'd been building a steady business. Everything was great." Seifert says the Kraine Station concept will reopen in another location later this year, and he's also scheming on incorporating barbeque, which he developed a passion for after years of cooking in Kansas City. Until that happens, borscht and holopshi will have to be found elsewhere in this city.

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Kraine Station [Photo: Adam Larkey]

Kraine Station

1434 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202

Kraine Station

1434 Blake Street Denver, CO