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Hosea Rosenberg Update: Blackbelly Developments

Hosea Rosenberg, winner of Top Chef Season 5 and owner of Blackbelly Catering, tells Eater that he's getting close to inking a deal on space for his new restaurant. Since he won't reveal where he's found this promising space, we'll continue to speculate (and hope) that it's somewhere in Denver. In the meantime, Rosenberg continues to work on the Blackbelly Farm, where he's raising animals and building a 400-square-foot greenhouse. He's also on the hunt for some obscure places to host pop-up dinners this summer out of his bright yellow food trailer. In coming weeks, he'll cook with Boulder chefs for an Autism benefit, and with the Denver FIVE for the first dinner of the season.

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Hosea Rosenberg [Photo: Daily Camera]