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Where to Drink Keg Wine When Dining in Denver

Keg Wine is super trendy these days, and Jacob Harkins of EatDrinkDenver and Local Winos Magazine offers some insight on the craze: "Cost is at the forefront of this trend. It’s cheaper to fill one keg (that holds the equivalent of 15 bottles of wine) than pay for all the glass, labels and corks that go along with typical bottling. That means it gets to the restaurant with a smaller invoice attached." Not to mention, keg wine stays fresh for 60 days, and sometimes longer. Harkins also points out a number of wine programs that are taking advantage of keg wine perks, including Table 6, Row 14, Ale House at Amato's, Spuntino, Pasquini's, Linger, Garlic Knot and Mercury Café. The Kitchen Denver, which opened just weeks ago, also offers 10 keg wines by the glass.

· Colorado's Wine Keg Trend [EDD]

Table 6 [Photo: Adam Larkey]