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The Adleys Close The Pinyon With Denver Future In Sight

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The Pinyon
The Pinyon
Photo: Adam Larkey

thepinyonbros.jpg Chef Theo Adley (pictured right) opened The Pinyon with his brother Jonah (pictured left) in December of 2010, and while it's been a great couple of years doing business on Pearl Street, Sunday brunch will mark the restaurant's final service. With this unfortunate news, however, comes some good news and some totally awesome news. First, the good news: The Pinyon building has been sold to H|Burger Co, a Denver-based burger chain. And now, the awesome news: Theo Adley tells Eater that he's opening a restaurant in Denver. "I love Boulder, don't get me wrong. We made a good impact here, but I just want to get back to cooking in the city." Adley says he'll continue to live in Boulder, but he's on the hunt for some sort of old and abandon space that he'll "update with a little TLC" or convert into a restaurant. Whatever space he finds, expect something offbeat, kind of along the lines of Long Island's sensational diner M. Wells, which will reopen as a steakhouse in a Long Island catamaran factory later this year. As for what kind of cuisine Adley will serve at the Denver establishment? It's yet to be announced, but there will definitely be a lot of beer and meat involved — that's a promise.

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The Pinyon

1710 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302