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Why Frank Bonanno Thinks You Should Drink Local Wine

Frank Bonanno, Colorado Urban Wine Fest Promotion]
Frank Bonanno, Colorado Urban Wine Fest Promotion]

So we're not exactly known for producing killer wine in Colorado, but some local personalities are here to tell the naysayers otherwise. In light of Colorado Urban Winefest this summer, chef Frank Bonanno of Bonanno Concepts, along with Gov. John Hickenlooper and Oskar Blues Brewery founder Dale Katechis, challenge us all to drink Colorado's juice in a series of commercials. Afterall, Bonanno has been using local ingredients in Denver for 10 years, "before it was cool," and everyone thought Katechis was "batshit crazy" for canning craft beer. "When I heard they were trying to make great wine in Colorado, I thought they were batshit crazy. Turns out, I was wrong."

Frank Bonanno, Bonanno Concepts

Dale Katechis, Oskar Blues Brewery

Gov. John Hickenlooper

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