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Troy Guard Bows Out of T|ACO Partnership

Business plans were moving forward quickly for chef Troy Guard and H|Burger Co. for the new T|ACO taqueria concept opening in Boulder and Denver, but as of today, Guard has bowed out of the partnership. Guard, who's the chef/owner of Denver's TAG, TAG Raw Bar and Madison Street, tells Eater that it was a last minute decision. "This is tough business. You have to make sure all of the pieces fit, and this just wasn't the right fit for me. They have their vision, and I have my vision — they just didn't match."

Guard says the business plan for T|ACO came together awhile back when long-time friend Geoff Smith of H|Burger conveyed the idea of opening a taqueria. Guard, who also had a business plan in the works, joined forces with Smith to create a hip place that served authentic, global street tacos. It was shaping up to be a "wonder power" concept, but after thinking over the weekend, Guard decided it might be best to keep business and friendship separate.

Currently, T|ACO Boulder is slated to open in a matter of days, with a menu Guard helped create. If H|Burger Co. decides to use Guard as a consultant, the menu will remain relatively the same, but if not, it's likely to change. One thing is for certain — Guard says a taqueria is still in his future. "I've got another name in my back pocket. It will happen, I've just got a lot going on right now."

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Troy Guard [Photo courtesy of TAG]

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