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A Look Inside Aoba, LoDo's New Sushi Joint

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Aoba [Photos: Adam Larkey]

Brothers Ken Zheng and Mike Nakanishi hit some zoning code delays during the last two months of construction at Aoba, but as of this week, the 80-seat restaurant is officially open. Nakanishi, a Tokyo-born chef who cooked in Flushing, NY., before arriving to Denver earlier this year, has crafted a menu of Japanese staples, including sushi, noodle bowls, grilled meats and small plates. There's no word on whether there's a lunch service, but pop in for dinner and try some U.S. Rock Sake, which they apparently stock over Japanese varieties. Hmm.

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Aoba Japanese Fusion Cuisine

1520 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202 720-242-7002