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CAUTION: Brewing Co.'s Taproom, Now Open

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CAUTION: Brewing Company [Photos: Adam Larkey]

One undeniable fact about brewers: they tinker. Danny Wang, founder of CAUTION: Brewing, takes “tinker” to a whole ‘nother level with Roboto, his iPhone app that monitors and changes temperature on his fermentation tanks from anywhere in the world. Whoa.

Wang and his fiance Betty Fey have been brewing beer for over a year, and Friday at 4 p.m., they'll give their beers a permanent home when they open the taproom of CAUTION: Brewing Company. Initially, Wang started brewing to supply Lao Wang Noodle House (a restaurant owned by his parents) with Lao Wang Lager, as Asian lager crafted with his family's signature noodle spices. The demand for Lao Wang Lager has increased, and CAUTION has drawn some very loyal customers. Fans will now find Wang's beers at the new taproom, which sits next door to the production facility.

For Friday's launch, Wang and Fey will also release Hippity Hops Chrysanthemum IPA, ranking at 7.5% ABV and 60 IBU. Additionally, they’ll be launching the Groupie Growler program, 32 ounce goodness with $6 fills until the end of 2012, when membership renewal will be available for 2013.

Article Written By Jess Hunter, Eater Denver Contributor

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