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Tom's Urban 24 Diner Scoops Samba Room Space

Late-night patrons, rejoice! The name of the mysterious Consumer Capital Partners restaurant moving into the Samba Room building has been revealed, and it turns out it's a 24-hour diner. Toms's Urban 24 Diner is named after Tom Ryan, managing partner and chief concept officer at Consumer Capital Partners — he's also one of the guys who brought us Smashburger. And though the name is awfully similar, it's not a classed-up version of Tom's Diner on East Colfax. Joe Vostrejs, chief operating officer of Larimer Associates, tells Blacktie that the diner will serve food similar to Steuben's Food Service, which specializes in American classics and hungover cures. “I’ve actually wanted a 24-hour operation on Larimer Square for many years. There’s been a hole in downtown for this product. If you wanted something to eat at 3 a.m. where do you go?” The man's right, and God bless'm for thinking so. Vostrejs says Tom's Urban 24 Diner will hopefully open by the end of summer, when we can all judge which Tom's attracts better drunk specimen.

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Photo: Tom's Urban 24 Diner liquor license signage, supplied by Eater tipster

Tom's Urban 24 Diner

1460 Larimer St Denver, CO 80202