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Where to Find Nettles; Big Easy Creole Cherry Creek

Elway's Downtown
Elway's Downtown
Photo courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

TIPS— 'tis the season for fava beans, asparagus, ramps, peas and yes, stinging nettles. 5280 has some suggestions for where to find nettles, including Potager and 1515 Restaurant. [5280]

FOOD TRUCK WIRE— The Justice League of Street Food is back and gathering dates have been announced. Oh yea, and apparently the first food truck gathering theme will be old-school rap. [EDD]

DOWNTOWN— Derek Einberger, winemaker from Patton Valley Vineyard in Willamette Valley, will join forces with chef Robert Bogart of Elway's Downtown for an intimate, four-course wine dinner on Tuesday, May 22nd. Call Elway's Downtown to make a reservation. [Eaterwire]

CHERRY CREEK— Big Easy Creole Kitchen will open this September in the old Tambien space at 250 Steele St. [Westword]