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The Early Word on Spuntino, Revamped

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Photo: Adam Larkey

After a temporary close, co-owner Dorina Miller reopened Spuntino with chef couple John Broening and Yasmin Lozada-Hissom back in March. Broening and Lozada-Hissom, who are responsible the Mediterranean delicacies at Duo and Olivéa, have pushed Spuntino to new heights with the addition of full-service lunch and dinner menus. Judging from blogosphere reviews, it's been a successful revamp. Here now, the totally good news.

Good News, For Veg Heads: Amanda Faison, 5280: Anyone who says a vegetarian sandwich is a boring, uninspired choice, hasn't had the sabroso at Spuntino. This seemingly simple combination of roasted sweet potatoes, Haystack Mountain goat cheese, caramelized onions, and organic sprouts belies an exquisite, chef-driven flavor combination. [5280]

The Good News: Elisa Cohen, North Denver Tribune: After eating several savory meals in the new Spuntino, I am happy to report that I enjoyed some of the tastiest Italian inspired sandwiches I have ever eaten... Although I loved the flavors of the sandwiches, the service is a bit slow. Each sandwich appears to be lovingly prepared as you wait. This time is well worth it for the cuisine you get, but it is something to consider if you have a short lunch hour. [NDT]

The Good News, Part II: A Giddy Urbanspooner: GO HERE!!! We had the best dinner we have had in a year - eveything was super fresh and packed with flavor. 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. [U]

The Great News: William Porter, Colorado Table: The menu is humane — just a few things to choose from, so deciding doesn’t feel like a task. You could make a meal of the starters, which include a full board of bruschette — think guanciale (cured but unsmoked pork cheeks) with stracchino cheese, salt-cod brandade with black olives and lemon — plus a country pate that’s every bit as good as you expect a country pate made by the Francophilic Broening to be: Multifaceted but cohesive, with an array of delicate textures and soul-warming flavors... Before “Uncle!” comes Lozada-Hissom’s unmissable desserts. They include gelatos and an elegant olive oil-citrus cake, but if you skip the Chocolate Crunch Bar, well, then you’ve skipped Denver’s dessert of the moment. For shame, because it is a marvel. [CT/DP]

The Really Great News: A reaffirmed fan on Yelp: Friendly & Delicious (win-win!!) I have had coffee, a latte, a salad, a sandwich, and some gelato here (don't worry, not all in one sitting). And all of it was amazing. The coffee is pour-over and the latte is great. The salad and sandwich were filling and every bite was so tasty. Our server noticed us staring down the gelato and offered us samples to try, and we had quite a few before deciding which to order. The gelato was soo yummy! I would definitely recommend this place for any type of occasion, a special dinner, a quick meet-up lunch with a friend, or to just grab a latte (&/or scoop of gelato!) when you're on the go. Definitely one of my favorite spots in the Highlands!! [Yelp]

The Bummer News: A Yelper with a tip for improvement: The only downer about Spuntino is that it's not open on Sunday - kind of a turn-off for folks who seek some gelato on a warm Sunday afternoon. I suggest the owners think this equation over: Summer + Sunday = Good Gelato Business. Hmmmm? Let me know if you decide to be open on Sundays - I'll be there! [Yelp]

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