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A Look Inside The Lowry Beer Garden

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Lowry Beer Garden [Photos: Adam Larkey]

Save the lederhosen and grab friends for music and entertainment under the new Lowry Beer Garden pavilion. Lodged between a plane and a hangar, the beer haven sprawls across 7,700 square feet, complete with a bar, kitchen and pavilion with community tables for 350 drinkers. As part of the Hangar 2 project in Lowry, Larimer Associates will open this grand beer destination tomorrow, filling a long-void drinking niche in the neighborhood.

The menu, crafted by consulting chef Troy Guard, offers a selection of beer pairing favorites. Veal, elk, pork, and pheasant brats accompany their burger counterparts with a smattering of toppings, poised to rival the same feel and philosophy of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. Servers cycle around, taking beer orders from each table, offering pretzels large enough to feed five people. Guests can order food from the counter, where the ordering protocol differs from standard counter service. When an order is ready, the staff sends a text to guests instead of announcing a number or name. A rather creative — albeit disjointed — way to serve beer drinkers. While it may not be a super beer geek’s paradise, it's a true American interpretation of a beer garden. Expect the usual local beer suspects, as well as a variety of classic standbys. Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 2 a.m., Monday through Sunday.

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Lowry Beer Garden

7577 E Academy Boulevard, Denver, CO 80230 303 366 0114