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Cha Ca La Vong at ChoLon; Carrie's Place Opens

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Photo: Adam Larkey

WEST WASH PARK— Cafe Byblos Mediterranean Grill will open at 400 S. Corona St. this August. [Westword]

CITY PARK—Carrie’s Place“Foods for the Spirit” — is now open at 1426 E. 22nd Ave. The restaurant is open Tuesday-Saturday, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. [BT]

LODO— Cha ca la Vong, a Vietnamese dish, is all the rage apparently. Some of the country's best chefs, including Denver's Lon Symensma of ChoLon, have embraced the dish on their summer menus. [NYT]

HOLLY— Jensen Farms, the Colorado cantaloupe farm responsible for last year's deadly listeria outbreak, has filed for bankruptcy. [DP]

ASPEN— Silver Queen nightclub was evicted, but owner Joel Howard isn't letting go without a fight. Howard is suing his landlord, Geld LLC, for $1.4 million in business expenses. [ADN]


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