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Has H|Burger Co.'s T|ACO Concept Lost Its Steam?

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T|ACO Boulder [Photos: Grace Boyle]

On Tuesday, chef Troy Guard announced that he was no longer a partner with H|Burger Co. for the upcoming T|ACO taquerias in Boulder and Denver. Guard, chef/owner of TAG, TAG RAW Bar and Madison Street, told Eater that T|ACO just wasn't the right fit for him, despite the fact that T|ACO Boulder was slated to open in a matter of days. H|Burger Co., which is also opening a restaurant this month where The Pinyon used to reside, has yet to comment on the break-up with Guard, and from the looks of it, the T|ACO Boulder space is at a standstill. Grace Boyle, Eater's correspondent in Boulder, says the Boulder Organic Pizza sign still hangs on the building, and the interior of the restaurant appears disheveled. Whatever is going on, it's clear that this project has been delayed. There's also no word whether Denver's shuttered 8 Rivers space is officially under lease for T|ACO Denver. Stay tuned.

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H Burger Boulder

1710 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302 (720) 465-9683

T|ACO Boulder

1175 Walnut St. Boulder, CO.