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What's The Worst Pizza You've Ever Had?

It's time to hear from the crowd. Starting now, we'll start regular open threads to try to answer some burning reader questions. Have something you want discussed by the fine readers of Eater? Send it this way.

It's Pizza Week across the Eater universe, and while we'll be highlighting some of the city's best pizzas, we're definitely not shying away from the terrible ones. So, dear readers, what's the worst pizza you've ever had in the metro area? What particular pizza left you feeling robbed of your money? Better yet, what pizza arrived to your table or doorstep and just looked ugly or pathetic? It's ok to be a little shallow about pizza, folks. The more details, the better. Don't spare us of the good stuff — pictures are welcome too. We'll be sharing bad pizzas and horror stories on Thursday, so leave a comment or drop a note on the tipline.

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