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Critic Says Free Beer Can't Even Save Ignite!

So coincidentally, during Eater's Pizza Week, Westword critic Laura Shunk visited Ballpark newcomer Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar for her weekly review, and though Ignite! claims to offer "fire-inspired and wood oven-roasted" pizzas — among other things — Shunk writes that this is not the place to hit up for a memorable experience. Between average pizza, a bland bar menu, forgetful service (to put it kindly) and sexist "man candy" bacon, Shunk will likely go elsewhere next time she's in the neighborhood: "The food at Ignite! left me so cold, I don't think even Free Beer Friday on the roof would be enough to lure me back. Great deck or no, there are too many other good options in this hot neighborhood to settle for anything lukewarm."

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Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar [Photo: Adam Larkey]

Ignite! Bar And Grill

2124 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205 303 296 2600

Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Rooftop Bar

2124 Larimer St. Denver, CO. 80205