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Hot Slices

lorisfav.jpg Lori Midson, Food Editor for Westword's Cafe Society: "For me, it's a toss-up (no pun intended) between Pizzeria Locale and Pizzeria Basta, both in Boulder. Remarkably good, ferociously hot artisan pizzas with thin, soft, elastic crusts blistered and charred in all the right places, sparsely applied cheese and unassailable fresh ingredients that really pop with flavor. They both remind me of the pizzas at Pizzeria Mozza, which may be the best pizza I've had in the States." [Hot Slices]

Pizzeria Locale

1730 Pearl Street, , CO 80302 (303) 442-3003 Visit Website


3601 Arapahoe Avenue, , CO 80303 (303) 997-8775 Visit Website