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Udi's Healthy Foods Snatched Up For $125 Million

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Udi's Healthy Foods LLC, a Denver-based monster gluten-free operation, has been acquired by New Jersey-based Smart Balance for $125 million. The company's humble beginnings date back to 1994, when owners Udi and Fern Baron launched Udi The Sandwich Man. Aside from distributing gluten-free products across the country, Udi's operates a mass production bakery in Louisville, four Udi's Bread Cafés in the metro area, the Pickled Lemon restaurant in Boulder and Udi's Pizza Café Bar in Olde Town Arvada. The Udi family assures that the bakery, restaurants and catering company will remain in Colorado as the company grows. Stephen Hughes, chairman and chief executive of Smart Balance on the acquisition: "This acquisition will be transformational to our company, as it will position Smart Balance as a leader in gluten-free, accelerate our growth rate, and further diversify our mix to high-growth natural brands." Smart Balance will seal the deal in July.

· Denver-Based Udi's To Be Aquired For $125 Million By Smart Balance [DP]

Udi's Pizza Café Bar [Photo: Udi's]