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A Carmen Sandiego Dinner; Chitterlings at A&A

The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar
The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar
Photo: Facebook

DOWNTOWN— Here's an opportunity for nostalgia — The Corner Office will host a Carmen Sandiego dinner this week with Thrillist. The Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego-style dinner will include 4-courses of global food with beverage pairings. There's also geography-based trivia. Fitting. [Thrillist]

PARK HILL— Kathleen St. John of the A.V. Club points out that the business development near 29th Ave. and Fairfax St. is a bit confused (example A: dispensary-turned-cupcake shop?), but A&A Fish Market & Restaurant is a sound establishment. "A&A is defiantly not in transition, however. It knows what it does best, and it’s sticking to that. The menu is short: Choose from about five types of fish, decide on either a dinner plate or sandwich, and place the order. Chitterlings—that’s pig intestines—are on special on Saturdays, and Sunday is buffet day." [A.V. Club]

TELLURIDE— Telluride Brewing is gearing up to expand distribution across the front range with a new canning line. If things go well, Denver could see some Telluride beer on shelves this fall. [Beer Pulse]