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Jensen Cummings Reveals The Name of Upcoming Meatball Shop: The Slotted Spoon Meatball Eatery

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Chef Jensen Cummings of Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar announced his plans to open a meatball shop back in March with partners Alex Comisar and Johnny Coast, and after months of playing the name game, they've officially named their meatballeria The Slotted Spoon Meatball Eatery. Cummings tells Westword the name stuck because of its universal appeal: "Everyone's grandmother had a slotted spoon, most everyone today has a slotted spoon -- it's timeless -- and since we love sauce and meat, a slotted spoon best represents our brand." The location hasn't been disclosed just yet (Westword is running a contest), but judging by the fairly obvious photo, The Slotted Spoon will open in University Hill Shopping Center at Colorado Boulevard and Yale.

The former Souper! Salad space (2730 S. Colorado Blvd) in the University Hills Shopping Center [Photo: Adam Larkey]

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Jensen Cummings [Photo: Adam Larkey]