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Critic Bids Farewell by Granting Fruition Rave Review

Fruition's smaller dining room, which Shunk recommends over the main dining room: "The tables are just as close together, and the lower ceilings and faint din of the tiny, unseen kitchen combine to create an ideal level of background noise, giving each table just enough privacy so that you can carry on a conversation without worrying about being overheard." [Photo: Adam Larkey]

Westword critic Laura Shunk announced that she was leaving Denver for New York City back in May, and today marks her final review — a review of Paul Attardi and chef Alex Seidel's Fruition, a place Shunk picked to serve as "one last memory of the way things were to take along to New York." However, contrary to her anonymous visits around town, Shunk writes that she was outed by a friend working at the restaurant. Whether or not her anonymity made a difference, you could say the overall experience was a grand one judging by her last words: "I'll be back in Denver again. But I can't imagine that I'll ever have as good of a last meal." But — there a is a small but — "Fruition has never had a good list: The collection of bottles doesn't match the food, the list isn't challenging, and it's not priced appropriately." Almost perfect.

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