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The Squeaky Bean Countdown

thesqueakybean26.jpg While Denver waits for the The Squeaky Bean to get its final liquor license sign-off, Thrillist provides some details about barman Sean Kenyon's cocktail menu: "The 12 'tails were hatched by the guy behind Williams & Graham and named for his favorite '70s and '80s movies/ TV shows, from the gin/ Blume Marillen 'Real Ginius,' to the 5 Island Rum/ Canton/ lemon bitters 'Up in Smoke,' which's poured from a frozen beaker so cold it produces a smoke trail, though especially now, you should never yell 'fire!' in a crowded Denver." [Thrillist]

The Squeaky Bean

1500 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO 80209 (303) 623-2665 Visit Website