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Larkburger Downtown?; Urban Wine Cocktails

Photo: Flickr/Burgerbytes

WAFFLEWIRE— Attention fans of waffles and/or sandwiches: Waffle Brothers has good bait — waffle sandwiches. "And then there are the waffle sandwiches: One’s a full breakfast—egg, meat, and cheese—squished between two waffles with the option of adding jalapeños or the Brothers’ Cajun sauce. Get it open-faced and it’s called the 'BreakMest.'" [A.V. Club]

CONVENTION CENTER— The Colorado Convention Center has decided to build a farm — beehives and all — right in its yard off of Speer Boulevard and Champa Street. The Blue Bear Farm will provide vegetables, herbs and honey for food service operations at the Colorado Convention Center and the Blue Bear Food Truck. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Oh hey there, Larkburger liquor application. Look's like you're interested in doing business at 1617 California St., right on 16th and California. We're cool with that. [EaterWire]

COMMONS PARK—In celebration of Colorado Wine Week, Kevin Burke of Colt & Gray has joined forces with Ryan Conklin of Euclid Hall, Joe Hines of Green Russell and tiki whiz Matty Durgin for an evening of urban wine-inspired cocktails. It all starts tonight at Colt & Gray, 6-9 p.m., $5/cocktail. [EaterWire]

JEFFERSON PARK— There's a new Southern Eatery near Platte Park (2637 W. 26th Ave.) called Sassafras, and Westword has some food porn from chef Colin Mallet.

Sassafras American Eatery, Highlands

3927 West 32nd Avenue, , CO 80212 (303) 433-0080 Visit Website