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Taverns In The Works For LoHi And Platt Park

Apparently six locations of The Tavern just doesn't cut it, which is why The Tavern Hospitality Group is bringing our city more breeding grounds for cheap drinks and poor decisions. Behold: official plans for The Tavern LoHi and The Tavern Platt Park. Westword reports that construction at The Tavern Platt Park will start this August in the former India's Pearl location, which shuttered at the beginning of 2012. As for The Tavern LoHi at 15th and Boulder, there's a bit of a wait — that location won't debut until 2014. But hey, there's always The Tavern LoDo, which has a variety of awesome characters.

· Tavern Hospitality Will Put Taverns In LoHi, Platt Park [Westword]

The Tavern LoDo [Photo: The Denver Post]