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Punch Bowl Social's Quirky Diner Menu Revealed

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Denver will play the waiting game for another three months before Punch Bowl Social derobes and shows the city eight lanes of bowling alley glory, but in the meantime, the menu for Social Food & Drink — "a modern diner" inside PBS — has been released for our viewing pleasure. Chef Sergio Romero, executive chef for all Robert Thompson establishments, has crafted a menu that, to put it mildly (for better or worse), exceeds average diner fare. There's a house-made spam sandwich, a pickled beef tongue sandwich, quail wings, fried oyster nachos, buffalo meatloaf — even turkey legs. And for those who appreciate holiday grub, the diner will serve a "Everyday Thanksgiving Sandwich" and eggnog rice pudding.

Note: PBS is made up of two components: 1) Punch Bowl, 2) Social Food & Drink. Punch Bowl will include the bowling, parlor entertainment and bar. Social Food & Drink will include the diner portion with additional large dining patio, complete with garage doors.

PBS Breakfast Menu

PBS Dinner Menu

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Photo: Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social Food & Drink

65 S. Broadway Denver, CO.