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Does The Cherry Cricket Serve America's Manliest Burger?

The writers over at Men's Health have identified 45 of "The Manliest Restaurants in America," and they'd like to narrow the list down to nine, highly macho establishments. Categories include BBQ joints, pizza parlors (are parlors manly?), steakhouses, seafood shacks, brewpubs, sandwich shops, taco stands, burger spots and "adventurous eating." Duffy's The Cherry Cricket, an iconic burger shrine in Cherry Creek, has the chance to hold the title of "Manliest Burger Spot," for super masculine reasons, of course: "This isn't a place for a first date. The booths are lumpy, the jukebox is roaring, and the scene is crowded. And for good reason: They serve an addictive, fat-dripping burger."

Voting ends July 31st, and please, "go click happy" if you want . You have the permission of Men's Health. It's manly.

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Duffy's The Cherry Cricket

2641 East 2nd Avenue Denver, Colorado 80206