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Frank Bonanno Spouts Off About The DEH's 'Agenda'

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Restaurateur Frank Bonanno isn't the timid type, as visiting journalist Matt Rodbard of Food Republic recently discovered. Whether it's on matters of fine dining, the lack of high-octane sushi restaurants or ridiculously overpriced deli impostors, Bonanno has his opinions — including his opinion of Denver's Department of Environmental Health, which he candidly shared in his personal blog not too long ago. Here now, the quotable Bonanno on his court battle involving burrata held at 46 degrees.

I would prefer to serve burrata at around 72 degrees. I would prefer to serve all cheese between 58 and 72 degrees. It’s like wine and I don’t think that it’s going to get anyone sick. The Health Department has an agenda and they won’t admit that this is their agenda. My one solace is that I fight every fine that I get. If I get a $250 fine like I got today [June 19th], Bob McDonald, the head of the Health Department, showed up. Two inspectors, including Danica Lee, showed up. I got a judge and two court people and we were there for an hour and a half. I figure all those people’s salaries together probably equal what my fine is. I figure, if they waste my time, I’ll waste their time. Sometimes I know I’m not going to win, but if all these people show up just for me?

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Photo Credit: Frank Bonanno, Bonnano Concepts

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