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Fine Wars: Chef Daniel Asher Voices Frustration About The Department of Environmental Health

Chef Frank Bonanno's beef with the Department of Environmental Health has prompted other industry professionals to come forward and voice concerns about the city's excessive fines, including operations chef Daniel Asher of Root Down and Linger. Today, Bonanno and Asher were quoted on Colorado Public Radio about the city's current fining system. Asher: "Initially on paper it sounded great, it sounded like it made a lot of sense. But something got lost in translation from what was explained to be the nature of the changes and then what actually ended up unfolding and I think that’s where a lot of the pushback is coming from... It’s just frustrating when you go from such an amicable relationship with minimal financial penalties to something that’s a little bit more tenuous."

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Daniel Asher [Photo: Meredith Moran]


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