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Chipotle Expansion; Larkburger Accepts Mobile Payments

CHIPOTLE WIRE— The always growing beast that is Chipotle has announced plans for 155-165 new restaurants. [DBJ]

WASH PARK— Bentley Folse, executive chef at Finely's Pub (375 S. Pearl St.), tells Westword what he'd like to see in Denver: "I'd like to see more actual good food...I know, it's a lot to ask for. I'm very hesitant to venture out to eat because of the fear of disappointment. I'm admittedly very much a food snob and want to see the food scene stepped up out here." [Westword]

BURGER WIRE— Larkburger now accepts payment via phone with LevelUp, a free app available for use at more than 3,000 restaurants and shops locations across the U.S. [EaterWire]

Chipotle [Photo: AdNews]