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Inside Central Bistro, Opening to the Masses Tomorrow

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[Photos: Adam Larkey]

Tomorrow night chef Lance Barto and real estate developer Isiah Salazar open Central Bistro and Bar, an American restaurant they think the LoHi area sorely needs. The space features a tin ceiling, a wall of windows, and white, teal, orange (see giant "HOT" sign above), and wooden accents with a smattering of bric a brac and wall and ceiling illustrations. The space seats around 70 in the dining room, 25 in the bar area, and 50 on an outdoor patio.

So what's Barto cooking up? His take on American fare, sourcing from farms, fisheries, and pastures across the nation. He's serving Dungeness crab mac 'n' cheese, seared New York scallops, Colorado lamb sirloin, and on the bar menu, corn nuts, confit chicken wings, and a $9 burger. Be sure to stop in before 6 p.m., when wine bottles are 40 percent off, beers are $3, and cocktails are $5. See the full menu below and be sure to send early feedback straight here to the tipline.

Central Dinner 1
303-477-4582, website, open until 11 PM nightly.