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What's on the Menu at New Ping Pong Eatery Ace

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Adam Larkey

After some trial runs this week and a big party on Saturday, Ace, the hotly anticipated Asian eatery and ping pong hall from the creators of Steuben's, will open to the public next Wednesday. Yesterday we took a look around the sweeping space. And today, we take a gander at the menu (below). They'll be serving up bao buns, dim sum like wontons and shumai, tom kha soup, crispy beef, chili prawns, and all manner of spicy and flavorful Asian-inflected dishes. And don't miss the right side of the menu, where all of the cocktails—including group-sized Scorpion Bowls and Liters—live.

On a side note, the menu is subject to change on opening day, so don't be heartbroken if it's not the mirror image of the menu posted here.

Indoor Food/Drink Menu:

Outdoor Menu

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501 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80203 (303) 800-7705 Visit Website


501 East 17th Ave., Denver, CO