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Lucky's Cafe Overhaul; Santiago Shrinks in Black Hawk

GOLDEN TRIANGLEFired Up, a new pizzeria from restaurateur Josh Barhaug, opens today at 1135 Bannock Street. In addition to a long list of pizzas (most featuring local ingredients), Fired Up serves burgers, craft beers, and cocktails. Find them on Twitter here. [Cafe Society]

BOULDER— Breakfast and lunch favorite Lucky's Cafe in Boulder just got a new menu overhaul from new chef James Van Dyck. Now on the menu: sausage gravy over cheddar biscuits, flannel hash, scrapple, pork polenta cakes, and for lunch, lamb burgers, meatloaf, and country ham. [Colorado Table]

BLACK HAWKSantiago's, the chain that opened two locations inside Bullwhackers in Black Hawk towards the end of last year, is pulling out of the complex on August 5. [Cafe Society]
[Image via @FiredUpPizzaCo]