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Lil & Lou's Wreck, a Southern Rock Bar in LoDo That Promises Hot Girls, Bourbon and Beer

"Do you love Country and Southern Rock music? Do your jeans have holes in them because you wear them and not because you bought them that way? Would you rather serve a bourbon or beer than make a martini? Do you have a HUGE personality and great wit?" These are questions from a recent Craigslist ad that reveals LoDo's latest project — Lil & Lou's Wreck, right next to Maloney's Tavern on 14th and Market Street. Manager Samer Homsi tells Eater that "the real deal," Coyote Ugly-like country bar is an extension of Maloney's and strives to be LoDo's hottest party destination. Here's a description of the place, courtesy of the other Wreck in Tuscan, AZ.:

The Wreck is a true representation of a Southern bar that blends Country and Southern Rock. The girls at The Wreck are hot and always out to have a good time but they don’t like having fun alone so don’t be surprised if they ask you to join in the party! The Wreck guests don’t drink martini’s – they drink beer and bourbon; the stuff they were raised on. No need for the good stuff; the cheap stuff does the job – as long as a hot girl is pouring it. We get on the bar to pour shots and when the music inspires us; but we also get up there to tell you a little bit about how we feel and what we think so be prepared – we have an opinion. Everyone is welcome at The Wreck – wranglers, athletes, wallstreeters and everyone in between; brought together by the love of great music, drinking beer and having the kind of good time you can only find at this bar.

Look for this anti-martini, boot scootin' LoDo shitshow August 2nd. Oh, and if anyone is in need of a job, Craigslist says hiring starts this weekend.

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Lil & Lou's Wreck

1432 Market St. Denver 80202