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The Comeback: El Diablo and Sketch Back in Action!

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Today is a great day to head over to El Diablo and Sketch Food & Wine for a drink, because finally, after three weeks of closure and a shitstorm debacle with the city of Denver, both businesses are back in action. As first reported by The Denver Business Journal and Westword's Cafe Society, the Board of Appeals unanimously agreed during yesterday's hearing to temporarily lift its orders for both businesses to vacate from the 106-year-old First Avenue Hotel. Restaurateur and First Avenue Hotel owner Jesse Morreale, who reportedly spent more than $150,000 fighting the city, reopened Sketch last night, and he'll reopen El Diablo at 11 a.m. today.

Andrea Burns of Community Planning & Development told The Denver Business Journal that the Board of Appeals maintains that the First Avenue Hotel still needs completed repairs: “The city is ready to work with the owner to expedite plan reviews and permits. We believe that in the coming weeks we can achieve our dual goals of ensuring public safety and putting people back to work on a permanent basis.” Morreale has until Oct. 1, 2012 to complete the agreed upon work plan.

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El Diablo

101 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 303 954 0324

El Diablo

101 Broadway Denver, CO 80203