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Two Luca d'Italia Cookbooks; The Rebirth of Gaetano's

Luca d'Italia Dining Room
Luca d'Italia Dining Room
Photo: Adam Larkey

BOOK CLUB WIRE— As reported by 5280, Bonanno Concepts will in fact launch two interactive Luca d'Italia cookbooks for the iPad. The first, scheduled to be available for free download this week, details how to throw a dinner party using Luca recipes. The second iCookbook ($14.95) will include 70 recipes and hours of video instruction. Developer Christopher McNeal of Stage Multimedia tells Eater he hopes to launch the hefty iCookbook at the end of July, when it will be available in 32 countries. [5280]

CHEF SHUFFLES— Cicely Austin, one of Food & Wine's best new pastry chefs, is leaving the Knightsbridge Restaurant Group in Washington D.C. for Denver to open Central Bistro and Bar with executive Lance Barto later this month. [Westword]

HIGHLANDS— Gaetano's Restaurant has announced a reopening, complete with a new look and all: "Gaetano's is proud to say that the rebirth of our amazing restaurant is underway! We are excited to explore behind the walls of a 75 year old North Denver Italian mafia building. Who knows what we will find." Renovations should be complete in six to seven weeks. [Facebook]

Central Bistro and Bar

1691 Central Street, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 477-4582 Visit Website