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Download Frank Bonanno's iCookbook; Avery Brewing Reveals More About New Facility

Russell's Smokehouse
Russell's Smokehouse
Photo: Adam Larkey

FEDERAL BLVD— Denver on a Spit has discovered a far better substitution for guilty Red Lobster cravings: "The Red Claw is very much on the opposite speccturm of mass-produced and commonplace. If Red Lobster is Kenny G being played in a hotel elevator, then The Red Claw is the Gorilla Biscuits playing at CBGBs in the 80s." [DOAS]

BONANNO WIRE— Party of Eight (At Home), an iCookbook from restaurateur Frank Bonanno, is now available for free download on iTunes. [EaterWire]

BOULDER— K's China, a restaurant and bar located on University Hill at 1325 Broadway St., is now allowed to serve alcohol after its liquor license was suspended two weeks ago on grounds of public safety concerns. However, according to The Daily Camera, whether or not K's liquor license gets renewal is still on the table. The board will make a final vote on September 19th. [DC]

BREW NEWS— Not only will Avery Brewing's new Boulder facility include a brewpub, but it will also feature an aerial self-guided walkway for visitors to see the entire production facility. [BP]