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Michael Cerretani Departs From The Bitter Bar

Michael Cerretani, famed mixologist and bar manager of The Bitter Bar, has announced that he's leaving Boulder's popular cocktail lounge and restaurant. Cerretani, who's parting with The Bitter Bar on good terms, released the following statement to Eater:

Leaving the Bitter Bar has been a really difficult decision for me. I've been a bar manager here for the last two years and have been deeply involved in its evolution. However, at this point, I am ready to take the next step career wise. With James [Lee] returning, and Burton [Daniel] ready and completely able to take over the bar program, I felt the timing was right. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated the support from the whole Big Red F team over the last two and a half years, my success is largely due to their continued faith in me. I don't see this departure as an ending of a relationship, but more as a beginning of a new kind of relationship. I'm working on a couple of fun projects and will continue to be deeply involved in the bartending community in Colorado. [sic]

Cerretani's last shift at The Bitter Bar is Tuesday, August 7th.

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The Bitter Bar

835 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302 303 442 3050

The Bitter Bar

835 Walnut St Boulder, CO 80302