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Chef Eric Skokan Says Chefs Need to Become More Dynamic — 'Stop Looking at Cookbooks'

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Here's a video that seeks to illustrate the importance of sourcing locally (restaurants, in particular), and not coincidentally, it was filmed in Boulder — one of the birth places of farm-to-table dining. To drive the message further, the video not only includes dramatic, Lifetime-appropriate music, but also features chef/owner Eric Skokan of Boulder's Black Cat Bistro and Bramble & Hare. At both restaurants, Skokan sources nearly everything from his own farm. "The level of creativity I had in the restaurant [Black Cat Bistro] soared when I became a farmer," Skokan shares, adding that his approach to farming/cooking should inspire others. "Chefs need to become more dynamic — they need to stop looking at cookbooks and recipes. They need to start letting the vegetables tell them how to cook and determine what's going to be on the menu."

fresh & local: the farm movement from Summit Series of Workshops on Vimeo.

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Black Cat

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