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Johnny Iuzzini of Top Chef Just Desserts Checks Out Osteria Marco, The Kitchen and Root Down

Top Chef Just Desserts/biker baker Johnny Iuzzini was in Denver last night, and after a stop at Osteria Marco for a "perfect lunch" and chat with chef/restaurateur Frank Bonanno, Iuzzini apparently tried to stop in at The Market, where a tour of 20 people nearly trampled him. He later hit up The Kitchen and Root Down, where he was summoned for whiskey-drinkin' by Williams & Graham and Squeaky Bean barman Sean Kenyon. Now, back to the Ducati he goes.

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The Squeaky Bean

1500 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO 80209 (303) 623-2665 Visit Website

Osteria Marco

1453 Larimer Street, , CO 80202 (303) 534-5855 Visit Website

Root Down

1600 West 33rd Avenue, , CO 80211 (303) 993-4200 Visit Website