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William Porter Awards 1.5-Stars to Gumbo's, Jenn Wohletz Knocks The British Bulldog

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Denver Post critic William Porter dishes some constructive criticism in today's 1.5-star review of born again Gumbo's (1033 E. 17th Ave.), complimenting the location, decor and music. The food, however, didn't leave much of a lasting impression. "All in all I do like Gumbo's. I will be back and bring friends with me. And I'm glad it found a spot in Uptown, with its burgeoning food scene. I just wish the kitchen would find a bit more consistency." [DP]

Westword's Jenn Wohletz knocks The British Bulldog (2052 Stout St.) in this week's review, dissing the pub's Pakistani grub: "I can understand the Bulldog wanting to preserve the novelty of its Pakistani dishes, but as badly prepared as these are, they're more of a liability than an asset. If the Bulldog isn't going to make better Pakistani food, it should drop it from the menu all Gordon-Ramsay-bollocks style and focus solely on the Brit staples. [Westword]

Clay Fong of Boulder Weekly reflects on a pricy lunch at Cured (1825 Pearl St.): "We could have spent less on our plate (we were able to feed yet another friend with the leftovers), and some may consider what we spent as pricey for an everyday lunch. But this is no workaday repast, but rather a sensual indulgence, perfect for a celebration or romantic al fresco meal." [BW]

British Bulldog

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