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No More Cupcakes From Cupcake Dreamin'

Welp, not all cupcake dreams come true at once, or at least in the state of Colorado. Cupcake Dreamin', one of Denver's mobile cupcake businesses based out of Aurora, is selling everything and moving out of the state. Here's the message on the food truck's Facebook page:

Update: Unfortunately the new location fell through and we will not be moving into the Abilene location. It is amazing how fast things can change in life so with that being said we are looking at moving out of the state next year. Cupcake Dreamin' will be going up for sale in next few weeks so if anyone is interested in the equipment which is currently located at 1746 S Chambers as well as 1 year of rent, the truck and the Cupcake Dreamin' name contact We will continue to take Crush out as often as we can and hope you all will come see us. Our plan is to take our dream to the next level and the first step is to move...then from there, well you will have to wait and see. [sic]

As of today, Crush the truck is up for sale on Craigslist for $10,000.

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