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Where to Drink Rum on National Rum Day

Today is National Rum Day, and whether or not it's in fact a legit holiday, it's a damn excuse to just drink some rum. But where? Eater has several suggestions, all of them prepared to make cocktails of the rum variety, whether it's a traditional mojito, a twist on a dark n' stormy, a classic tiki drink — hell, even a shot or rum on the rocks. Need inspiration? Check out Esquire's updated, essential rum guide.

·Cafe Brazil, 4408 Lowell Boulevard: This place specializes in two very important things — Brazilian/Latin American food and rum. Need we mention that the bar carries 75 different rums? 'nough said.

·Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar, 1173 Delaware Street: For anyone seeking a dose of Cuban culture, Cuba Cuba is the spot. Plus, the rum collections is one of the city's best, featuring 58 rum varieties.

·Adrift, 218 S. Broadway: Not only does Adrift carry 43 rums, it also features one of the city's hottest tiki bars and bonfire patios. Check out one of the bar's classic tiki drinks, and don't forget your best island ware — believe it or not, it won't look ridiculous here.

·Green Russell, 1422 Larimer Street: With upwards of 20 rum varieties, Green Russell's bartenders certainly have enough house-made bitters, syrups and fresh juices to make all the classics. Take advantage of the barman's choice, and ask for Matty Durgin — he's one of the city's most knowledgeable rum aficionados.

·Colt & Gray, 1553 Platte Street: With 17 rums behind the bar, the bartenders at Colt & Gray have all the bells and whistles to craft both classics and complete originals.

·Steuben's, 523 E. 17th Avenue: The rum list here is smaller, but there's one important winning detail when it comes to Steuben's — the scorpion bowl. Made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum, Leopold Bros. Peach Liqueur, orgeat, orange juice, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice, this flaming volcano bowl is one hell of a deal for 2-4 people.

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Green Russell

1422 Larimer Street, , CO 80202 (303) 893-6505 Visit Website

Cuba Cuba

1173 Delaware Street, Denver, CO 80204 303 605 2822 Visit Website


523 East 17th Avenue, , CO 80203 (303) 830-1001 Visit Website


218 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (303) 778-8454 Visit Website

Cafe Brazil

4408 Lowell Boulevard, , CO 80211 (303) 480-1877 Visit Website