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Chef Rants

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johnbroeningQL.jpgChef John Broening of Duo, Olivéa and Spuntino vents frustration about buying locally: "It isn't just that local farmers will sometimes burn you by shorting you at the last minute on product you are counting on, or that many of them will go out of business without warning. It isn't that I have to spend as much as twice for local ingredients. It's that all the trouble we go through to source locally and the backbreaking work the farmer performs at an often subsistence wage sometimes results in a product that's no better than the produce you can get from California." [DP]


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Duo Restaurant

2413 W 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 303 477 4141

Olivéa Restaurant

719 E 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203 303 861 5050